The story about us!

SLMP has over 25 years experience in the business of film and television. Its founder, a graduate of the American Film Institute in Hollywood, CA has studied with many prestigious dIrectors, writers and cinematographers. SLMP has traveled extensively all over the nation and the world producing and capturing award winning programming for educational, commercial and entertainment purposes.  We have built strong alliances with numerous marketing and advertising agencies llocally and abroad.

Production with SLMP begins with an idea and we help our clients bring that idea to life. We tell your story and deliver your message whether it be documentaries, commercial productions, marketing videos, corporate training films as well as videos for your website or YouTube, including all aspects of editing and animation as well.  Our office is set up with state of the art equipment necessary to edit, animate, and composite to tailor to the specific needs and expectations of our diverse clientele.
Since every need is individual and unique, budgets vary greatly, however we can work within any budget to help promote your business or personal needs.
We shoot and edit
Storyline is a collaborative effort by professionals who have been in the business long enough to know what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Our equipment includes some of the best state of the art camera rigs including the Red Digital Cinema package. HD field monitors, Arri and Kino lighting packages, Steadicam, Jibs, Dolly systems and many other peripherals to accommodate the most discerning clients.

Our services


Red Cameras
4k Resolution

We've been a big fan of the Red camera systems since the begining and have been very satisfied with its brilliant cinema style quality and resolotion


There is nothing that promotes quality like the stabalized moving image of a steadicam system and it towers over the standard jib and dolly moves


We are a big proponent to the Kino Flo lighting systems. Lightweight but very powerful in the look that is achieved especially in daylight matching. We also use Arri fresnels

Jibs, Cranes & Dollys

We're no stranger to the many uses these have to offer and when used properly they are very powerful. We've had over 30 years of experience getting those shots right.

Editing & Special FX

We offer all the major editing software packagaes but are working predominently with Autocad Smoke which combines the compositing and special effects power of any and all software programs in existence with an extremely powerful editing environment.

3D Animation & GFX

3D Max, Maya and C4D animation programs

After Effects, Divinci, Smoke

Lower cost
of video production

We realize that the cost of doing business in the business of film making and commercial production has been such that we can offer large discounts on the overall cost of production mainly by staying lean on staffing and employing incredibly talented professionals to help expedite and reduce time spent in day to day production. Having over 25 years experince in both shooting and editing has helped us greatly speed up the

overall process while maintaining our attention to detail and our dedication and reputation to quality and creativity.

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Our best works


A quick look at some recent work

What we do

We are digital storytellers for the new direction of the industry and art of film making. Our extensive production skills combined with our powerful editing capabilities, animation and compositing skills allows us the ability to fulfill any of our client needs. With over 25 years experience in the business, we feel we have the right seasoning for a very successful approach to any production.

We are a full service video production company

Our core people are multi talented accomplished visual art professionals

and we work collectively and creatively with equaly talented artists

in our community to accomplish and compliment our core strengths.